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Generations of our family have been coming to Peaks Island, Maine for almost 50 years. Some of us live there year round while the rest of us just try to get up there every chance we can.

For us, it’s not really summer until we perch ourselves on the rocky beach, drink in the beauty of the New England coastline and are energized by what being on that Maine island does to all of our senses. Hearing the waves lap onto the rocks, breathing in the salty air, feeling the warm sun on our faces and seeing the buoys bobbing gently in the ocean makes us all feel grateful for pretty much everything.

We wanted to capture those memories to share throughout the year so we created Buoy Coast, a line of clothing and accessories that celebrates coastal living and serves as a year round reminder that when the days aren’t sunny and you can’t breathe in the salty air or walk along the rocky shores, you can still show the world that those things are part of who you are.

So check out our store and remember those days of bike rides that go on for miles, beachside lobster bakes and long porch chats with the ones you love.

Welcome to the family. Welcome to Buoy Coast.